What’s It Really Like To Climb Aboard the Cuervo Express?

When I am in Guadalajara, one of my favorite things to do is visit the nearby town of  Tequila.  Normally I take a taxi there, but this time we decided to try the new Cuervo Express!  Sort of like the Napa Train; this is the Tequila Train!  Very cool.

The excursion departs from Guadalajara and carries you to the town of Tequila.  A very nice, scenic ride.  Everything on the train is first rate.  And, of course, you can enjoy some nice tequila and snacks en route.

After you arrive they take you across the tracks to the Cuervo Destilería.  This is the place where they make the premium tequilas.  Reserva De La Familia, Tradicional, Cuervo 1800, and several others.

Next, they take you through the whole process of making the tequila.  Click HERE to learn more.  It a very interesting, traditional and exacting process.

We were also fortunate enough to visit their cellar to taste the oldest of their tequilas. Dipped right from the barrel!  Sweet!  The Reserva De La Familia is made from these. Reserva De La Familia is is a special blend of their finest, aged tequilas.  It is referred to as an “Extra-Añejo” (extra aged) tequila.  It is fantastic.

After the phenomenal tour of the process, distillation, aging barrels and more, we head over to sample some of these great tequilas and learn more about each one.

Next, we are all invited to the hacienda across the street that was the original home of the founder, Jose Cuervo.  The expansive and scenic grounds are very pleasant for strolling.  They have also prepared a huge home cooked meal for you in the courtyard.  And while you are enjoying your food and drink, they have many excellent performances of traditional dancing, singing and music.  This is a real treat.

After the meal and entertainment, it is an excellent idea to wander a few steps down to the town plaza and church.  It is very nice, and here you will find several stands selling top quality local art crafts and much more.

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Below are several pictures from our trips.  Enjoy, and come visit the amazing place sometime!




Author: Frank Dutro

I'm based in Mexico City and like to share all the amazing places I visit in Mexico. Food-Culture-History-Adventure.