Report: Coyoacán (The Place of Coyotes) Or is it? Very cool!

Coyoacán is one the nicest (and certainly most popular) neighborhoods to visit in Mexico City.  This area was located on the shore of what was once Lake Texcoco and home to the Tepanac people who joined with Cortés to defeat the Aztecs.  In Coyoacán one finds the residences of some of the most famous people in Mexico’s history, one of the most beautiful cathedrals (San Juan Bautista), excellent markets of art crafts, groceries and clean stands selling freshly prepared dishes, classic plazas, and outstanding restaurants.  This is Mexico as you imagined it would be.

Here are some highlights and explanations:

Frida Kahlo House/Museum.  Frida was born in this home and lived the final years of her life here.  In 2004 they opened up previously sealed rooms and found her large wardrobe and braces.  It is now on display as well as many of her art pieces and pre-hispanic sculpture collection.  It is a fascinating place.  Self-guided tours available in Spanish and English.  Here are a few pictures from today.


The yellow Casa de Cortés Public Building.  Cortés never lived here, but for some reason they like for you to think he did.  He did eventually have a home in this area.  It is no longer in existence.

The best place for coffee (Café El Jarocho) and for churros (General de la Republica) two doors down from El Jarocho.  And just to the left of the churro place is a small park to enjoy your treats.

One of the most beautifully restored cathedrals in Mexico City, San Juan Bautista.  Stunning. Enjoy.

IMG_2565The gates to the city!  Actually, this was the entrance to a very large atrium that was owned by San Juan Bautista.  Now only this entrance remains.  It is just across the street from the entrance to the Francisco Sosa neighborhood and street.

The stunning Calle Francisco Sosa.  One of the famous (and expensive) streets in Mexico.  Lined with historic Spanish homes built (and restored) since the 1521’s.  Voted one of the top places to live in Mexico, and the world.

The famous Coyote fountain, plazas and gardens.

Mi Mercado Coyoacán.  Terrific food stands through this market.  Clean, and selection of the best in Mexico.  Chilis, Veggies, Moles, Meats, Clothes, and much, much more.  A great place to explore.  Just down the street from the Frida Kahlo house.


The Leon Trotsky house/museum.  Very interesting.  Up the street and around the corner from Frida’s house.  About a 10 minute walk.  Worth checking out.
Learn more about Leon here:



Entrance to the Artists Market.  Tons of cool stands to explore.  Many interesting and groovy items.

IMG_2414After a few hours of exploring this amazing part of the city, I like to come here, Los Danzantes, for great food, Los Danzantes Mexcal, and mineral water with jugo de limón.  Very refreshing.  There are many other excellent restaurants and cantinas close by as well.

Learn more about Coyoacán and the surrounding area here:



Author: Frank Dutro

I'm based in Mexico City and like to share all the amazing places I visit in Mexico. Food-Culture-History-Adventure.