Cuicuilco: The Ancient, Round, Buried Under Lava, Pyramid

The only reason I wanted to visit this site is because my dad had visited there in 1955 and always mentioned it to me.  I thought it would not be that interesting.  I was wrong.  It was actually very, very cool.  In addition to the history of this ancient site, are the trails that wind through the old lava flows, cactus, and flora.  It was like going back in time and experiencing what this area of Mexico must have been like before so many people moved in.  At any rate, hope you’ll find some time to check it out, have some nice hikes (go early before it gets hot), enjoy the scenery, the small museum there and walking to the top of this amazing structure.  (Located in the south, Pedregal (lava rock), area of the city.)

The lava came from the eruption of the now dormant Xitle volcano during one period from 245 – 315 AD.  See more here: 

Here’s some pics:


To learn more about Cuicuilco, click here:

Author: Frank Dutro

I'm based in Mexico City and like to share all the amazing places I visit in Mexico. Food-Culture-History-Adventure.