Fantastic lunch at this highly rated, tri-level, downtown eatery.  Fantastic setting inside.  Very old building. Nice wine shop at the entrance too.  This place is owned by the same folks from Cafe de Tacuba which is located just around the corner.  They share the same kitchens. Everything is very nicely done here.  Lunch consisted of: Burnt chilis with roasted brie cheese, roasted pineapple and chilis, Sweet breads with a bean sauce, house tortillas, Pan Seared Mojarra (fish), Catch of the day: “A la Talla”, plus white wine from Fluxus and rare Mezcals from their hanging, hand blow jugs at the bar.  Dessert is Dulce de Gallo: Avocado ice cream, cookies with a sweet tomoto-chili jam and sweet cilantro meringue.  A rare treat.   At your table, made-to-order salsa is also available.  Sweet! Highly recommend this place.  A short walk from the main cathedral.  Always lots to see and try downtown.  Stay tuned…. #mexico #food #wine #mezcal #travel #mexicocity

Author: Frank Dutro

I'm based in Mexico City and like to share all the amazing places I visit in Mexico. Food-Culture-History-Adventure.